Thursday, December 15, 2011

So, you've got a book to edit and...

As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm working on edits for book two of the Agents for the Crown series. I've titled it Artifice, but this was not the original title. It has gone through several title changes since I originally wrote it. From The Rake's Rouse, to Deception and on to Artifice... The last change came about due to a recently published book in the same genre with the title Deception. So the hunt was on then for a new title. I like the new one, it's different and it looks good on the cover I designed...

Now I'm working through the story line by line, tweaking each sentence, paragraph and scene attempting to make it perfect. I know I will miss something somewhere and it will drive me insane and completely drive me into OCD behavior, but I have to try. Currently I am about one third of the way through my first run through of this. I'll do at least two run throughs and then pass it on to a friend of mine who reads the story for holes and blatant errors. If it's in bad shape then I have to go back and fix whatever story line I didn't finish, however if it's good... (Fingers are crossed for this reaction)
then it gets sent on to another friend who is kind enough to do the formatting for me because he is such a ROCK STAR with figuring out the formatting that eludes me. And then it publishing time! Well that is the plan anyway, sometimes it takes me two or three tries to get the book exactly as I want it, but I'm getting better! And until I get to this point, well... you may see this:

me, looking calm cool and collected, but really..... I feel like this:

I know you've all been there too... just admit it!

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