Monday, January 21, 2013

Charade, Agents For The Crown, Book 3

Charade, Agents for the Crown was just released! It's been a year since I released a new book in the series, so I hope it does well. Rue Volley, the incredible author of the Blood and Light Series and woman extraordinaire, created the cover for me, isn't it fabulous?

Charade is book three in the series. So you will see more of Joanna and get to know a new character, Lord Mayberry, as well as see how Jessica and Lord Sinclair find their way to each other. 
Here is the back cover blurb: 

Jessica Farrington fell in love with Lord Ashley Sinclair the moment they were reacquainted. She only wishes that he actually felt the same desire for her, as she does for him.  Jessica soon finds that she must leave London when a letter arrives informing her of her father’s assassination attempt in Vienna.  Her best friends join her on her journey and she realizes that Ashley will be along as well. She is secretly thrilled, for it will afford her more time in his company.
Enter Lord Knight, a handsome and romantic masked Romeo, who takes Jessica’s breath away. His late night visits to her balcony, and his stolen kisses have Jessica’s heart soaring.  His dancing grey eyes and wicked smile remind her so much of her love, but are her suspicions of her amorous Romeo correct?
Join Jessica and her friends as they travel to Vienna to unmask an assassin and find her heart’s desire.
And would you like a sneak peek? A little excerpt to wet your palate? Well, here you go: 
“Joanna, I really do wish that I knew what kind of mischief you were getting into.” Jessica frowned as Thomas walked away.
“What do you mean, Jess?” Joanna looked at her innocently. “I am not up to any kind of mischief.”
“Oh yes you are, and I will figure it out, one way or another,” Jessica said stubbornly. “I know you too well for that innocent act to work on me. And another thing, what is going on between you and Thomas? Are you falling in love with him? And what about Jonathon?”
“No I am not falling in love with Thomas,” Joanna whispered vehemently. “And I really do wish all of you would stop bringing up Jonathon Montgomery in my presence. I have told you that I am giving up on that dream and I do not want to be reminded of it any longer.”
“Miss Deville, I am so sorry that we missed our dance.”
“Lord Crenshaw, it is my fault entirely and I do apologize. I completely lost track of time, for Lord Mayberry was kind enough to show me around his Mother’s garden. She has some beautiful irises that I just had to see.” Joanna smiled prettily up at him. “I do still have a quadrille open for later this evening, if you would still care to dance with me.”
“I look forward to it, my dear.” Lord Crenshaw bowed. “Until later, my dear.”
“Remind me to tell Alex that I had to give away his quadrille.” Joanna grinned at Jessica who had a bewildered look upon her face. “What is it now Jess?”
“Since when have you become so interested in flowers? First my Mother’s tulips and now Lady Mayberry’s irises, and do not try and tell me that you have always had an interest in them, for I shall not believe a word of it.”
Joanna smiled. “Perhaps someday I will be able to tell you all about it. When we are old and gray and have nothing better to do, but for now I want to dance.”
Charade is available now on Amazon, you can buy it here:

I would love to hear from you about the series! 

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