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Please welcome Poppet!

Please help me welcome Poppet! 

Poppet is a new author with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, under the Vamptasy label, Hi Poppet! Welcome to my blog! Why dont you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm a paranormal and horror romance author, specializing in
challenging your perception of normal. I've published more than 40 books and have a little something for everyone in my sordid collection.

That sounds awesome! I look forward to reading some of your work!

When did you first start writing? 

When I was 14.

What do you love about writing?

Anything is possible. Anything at all. I like that reality, a lot.

What do you need when writing? Music, candy, silence, etc.

Music, earphones in, and chewing gum.

How did you go about building your world and characters?

I'm not being facetious, but truthfully all I did was put the images in 
my head into words on a page.

Can you provide us with an excerpt? (Excerpt and book cover :D)

            I'm fascinated by him, examining his features before they're aware I'm standing here. Tapping the desk as he points to something, he glances up, fixing me with aching slate eyes. He looks on the verge of torture, his eyelids bruised and puffy, his brows cursing the world as they knit together in black death.
            Morbid gray irises flare with orenda-light; he swallows thickly, the words he was in the process of muttering curdling in his throat as a grunt. It simply pronounces the anguish in his pallid visage when his eyelids flinch and his pupils contract as if I just shoved a dagger between his ribs to cut through the membrane cloaking his heart.
            He glances back at the table, jaw muscles flexing, lips thinning, saying to Ewan, “It happened here, and they're making their way along this shoulder to the northern face.”
            Ewan nods, leaning on knuckles as he surveys the object of their debate. Snapping my stare between them I can't help but compare. The stranger looks persecuted, his wide shoulders hunched, the veins in his neck throbbing out in agitated stress.
            He glances up at me again and just as fast looks away, standing up straight, facing Ewan, he says, “See you later. We have company.”
            Ewan looks up, smiling when he spies me, “Deliah! How long have you been standing there? Come in.”
            The scrummy curiosity doesn't wait for introductions, stepping down off the platform and stalking past me in t-minus negative ten seconds, his rush gusting the strong scent of fresh rain and pain on his way out.
            Twisting, I watch him stomp down the corridor. He pauses as he swivels left to go down the tunnel to the mess hall, scowling at me as if I'm personally responsible for the tawdry state of the world, for global warming, pollution, every extinct species, every nightmare, and every broken heart.

Fun time!

Do you play games? If so what kind? If not, why the heck not?

Play games. Head games? (lol). I rarely have the free time to play games, but I recently fell in love with pinball for the iPad.

Very Cool!  Personally I’m addicted to Candy Crush Saga :P

Favorite author?

Charles de Lint

Favorite TV guilty pleasure?


Great show!
Favorite Action Hero?

Jason Statham, (the Transporter). I'm not (and never have been) a fan of Superman or Spiderman. Although these new Thor films have some decent eye candy, but when I watched movie one I was so damn annoyed because I know my Norse mythology and I was outraged, spitting like a viper at the screen and muttering to hubby, "Where's the rest of the story? How can that 'be it'. This is rubbish!" I don't like pretty boys, so Jason is the perfect superhero type. The best renditions of a hero are the flawed and conflicted who prevail regardless. I've seen every one of his movies, and love that he's made it huge late in life, in his 40's. That rocks.

Jason Statham is pretty great! :D

Either/ or Lightening round!

Are you a dog person or a cat person? 

Both. I like dogs and cats. But if I want a cuddle a kitty is the go to creature :)

Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream? Chocolate gelato
Fruits or Veggies? Veggies
Coke or Pepsi? Coke (Zero)
Soda or Pop? Soda (Cream - lol)  OH Cream Soda is my FAVORITE!!!
Sweet or Sour? - depends. Mostly sweet.

Pick at least one :D

If you traveled to an alternate universe, whose universe would it be? What would you do there?

The universe would be the Speclam reality which you start to read about in my upcoming book Ascend in Ius. What would I do there? I'd learn the secrets to reality, manifestation, free will, and how to manipulate the physical world. I'd learn to harness spiritual light and use it to influence assholes into being nicer to the populace in general. 

Oh that sounds pretty cool!

If you traveled back in time, what time period would you want to visit most? Who would you hope to meet?

If I travelled back in time, I'd like to meet Immanuel (you call him Jesus), I'd like to meet and seduce Napoleon and then murder him in his sleep,  I would like to repeat this for Alexander (the not so Great). I'd also take a good stab at taking out Constantine. I would go back to Hitler's school days, lock him in a bathroom and mustard gas him to death, and then I'd like to go back to watch how the pyramids were truly built. Then I'd like to wrangle having coffee with Einstein, fingerpaint with Dali, and watch Michaelangelo sculpt Venus. After all of that I'd go back to Galileo to tell him he's right, to never give up his quest, the earth is not flat. I'd go back to the battle of Culloden and bomb the field with laughing gas. No one can fight when they're laughing :D

:D That is very true! LOL

The Important stuff!

Any advice for aspiring authors?

If you think you're good, don't give up.

Where can we stalk I mean find you?(Links baby!)







Where can we buy your books?


Link on Amazon US:

Link on Amazon UK:

Title: Master of Umbra by Poppet

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book description:

Deliah is in grave danger, running for her life from a man who needs her dead, when serendipity plants her in the path of the Master of Umbra.

Inducted into the mysterious Eagle clan of the Scottish highlands,
 Deliah is torn between her fate and destiny when kin clash for her affections. Falling for the scandalous villain who heads the Berserkers of the Hebrides, her fragile hope is snuffed out early by revelation and impending war.

The only mantra she can cling to is the one uttered in heartfelt 
promise; that love comes back.

Because that's what love does.

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Thank you so much for hosting me. I loved your interview questions and love what you did with the answers! Huggages!