Sunday, July 7, 2013

CHBB and Vamptasy's youngest author has stopped by for a visit! Let's get to know him!

Please help me welcome one of the youngest authors from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly and Vamptasy Publishing, Kevin Missal! Hi Kevin, come on in and tell us about yourself!

I am Kevin Solomon Missal. I am 16 years old. I study in 12th grade. I love mythologies and sagas. I read books. I act in school plays and have won prizes for it.

When did you first start writing ? 

I started writing at age 11. I wrote a page in my register. It was the worst piece of crap I could have written but it was a start to something bigger. I don’t know where it is now.

What do you love about writing?
Writing is enjoyable and fun. It helps me when I am nervous or stressed. It also shows my reflection of my emotions.

That is very insightful for someone so young! :D

What do you need when writing? Music, candy, silence, etc.
Music. Jim Morrison.

How did you go about building your world and characters?

I thought, “What was the most unique thing that no one has ever tried?” and it hit me that everything in this world is tried or done in some way. So I portrayed my characters in a wicked sense. I wanted to make a world where I would like to live and enjoy, have adventures. And that is exactly how I was able to create it. As for the characters, when the world was created, somehow the characters just automatically came in my head, according to the world and story.

That is brilliant, I am looking forward to seeing your world! Check out this Book Trailer for Kevin's story, Unlocked: 

Can you provide us with an excerpt? (Excerpt and book cover :D)

Haha. Here it is:
Delirium was once a rookie in the early eighteenth century. In this coven, she was now the mistress. Behind the green hair and blue eyes, the mask she wore to hide her old age, was a crumpled old lady with one broken eye. She possessed a lean body, a womanly voice, and poisoned looks.
She never wanted to be a part of Manfred’s conspiracies, but she had no choice. She needed her coven to stand firm when the Morningstar was freed. No matter the outcome, she had to assist Manfred in getting what he wanted.
It had been just two days since he had arrived. He’d specified that he needed a demon slaughterer, Spring Heeled Jack, to be summoned. In return, the Morningstar would give his blessing. They had helped him, keeping the rookies in the dark as to what was happening around and providing them with false information. Yet she wondered if such actions were prudent.
Tossing and turning, she found she couldn’t sleep. Putting on her twinkling robe, she walked to the common room. There she came across a tall, lean, bronze-eyed boy in a trench-coat standing close to the fireplace, trying to fiddle with the erupting flames.
“Hello, Delirium,” Caspar said coldly as he turned to gaze at the witch.
“How did you escape?” She wasn’t shocked, but she did sound astounded.
“That shouldn’t concern you.” His nose flared outward. “What should concern you is that you are meddling with the wrong man.”
Delirium took a deep breath. “I don’t care how evil Manfred is.”
“He’s not evil, Delirium. He is the evil,” he replied. “You don’t have any idea what you are dealing with. Please, tell me, why did he want a demon slaughterer?”
“He’s going to raise the Morningstar and bring his kingdom upon the lands and seas. In return of our gratitude, he will grant us rewards and more powers.”
“He’s trying raise the devil?”
That makes sense, he thought.
He clenched his fist and then released it. He strode toward Delirium and walked past her. She whirled around to face him, feeling a tad perplexed.
“Thank you for the vital information you’ve provided me with,” he said as he neared the door.
 Delirium remained rooted in place without lifting a finger. She could have snapped her fingers and pinned him to the wall. She could have burnt him alive. Yet she did nothing.
“And one more thing, Delirium. Never try to trap me again.” His voice was sharp and cold. “If you value your existence, you’d do well to remember that.”

Oh, sounds good! Definitely going to have to give it a read!

Fun time!

Do you play games? If so what kind? If not, why the heck not?
I play video games on my PS3. Other games, I do not know.

Favorite author?
Cassandra Clare and Paulo Coelho.

Favorite TV guilty pleasure?
Breaking Bad.

Favorite Action Hero?
Benedict Cumberbatch (he was my inspiration for Caspar Socrates, the protagonist of my novel)

Oh! I love that guy! Great Sherlock Holmes!!!

Either/ or Lightening round!

Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Dog person.

Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream?
Chocolate. I love chocolate.

Fruits or Veggies?

Coke or Pepsi?
Pepsi, in any world.

Soda or Pop?

Sweet or Sour?

If you traveled back in time, what time period would you want to visit most? Who would you hope to meet?
I think Paris 1920s would be a beautiful time to visit. I would want to meet the talented F. Scott Fitzgerald and the dark Ernest Hemingway, even the artist Pablo Picasso. It would be like a dream to visit all of them.

That would be awesome!

The Important stuff!

Any advice for aspiring authors?
Write what you want to write. Don’t care about the people or the society or anyone. Just write what you want to write and don’t let the people limit your abilities. Enjoy the process of writing.

Where can we stalk… I mean find you?(Links baby!)

Where can we buy your books?


Thanks Kevin! It was great fun getting to know you! If you have any other questions for Kevin, feel free to ask him in the comments and wish him well! 


Kim McNiel said...

What an awesome interview. Best of luck to you Kevin, your book is sitting on my computer right now. It is the next book to be read when I finish the one I'm on. It sounds like you have created an awesome world and I can't wait to meet your characters.

Cindy J Smith said...

What a remarkable young man! I can't wait to read your book, already purchased!!! Best wishes in everything you do!

Akshay CAnceriostiffler said...

Hey Kevin I am almost done with your book and i must say it is one of the best mythological novel I have read. sorry to say but it still comes after Percy Jackson series but i am deeply enjoying it.