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The Lumen Blog Tour! Come get the scoop straight from Mr. Joseph Eastwood!

Hi Joseph, welcome to my blog! 

Hi! Thank you for joining myself, Joseph Eastwood, and Elizabeth, the host of this wonderful blog, to celebrate the re-release of Lumen!

So Joseph, why don't you tell us what a Luminary is...

What is a Luminary?

At the time of planning the series, I had the idea of what I wanted to happen and what I wanted this race of people to have, but I didn't have a name for them. And so, I went to the online thesauruses and I looked through words, like “gods” and “star” etc. and that’s when I came upon “Luminary”; definition, meaning someone who inspires others and is prominent within their field. It was the perfect description for what I wanted to describe these people as.

There are seven luminary beings, and from them, they introduced the manipulation of magic into the world… if you read Lumen you’ll learn more about that. Each of the seven people are scarred with an astrological symbol on their body; Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. And throughout the series you’ll see a lot of these symbols etched into skins, and people become really crazy.

Well, what would you do if you found the people you were praying to had been living among you? You wouldn’t sit idly by, would you?

A Luminary is a god, or god-like being, and within the Blood Luminary series, you will see the foundation of a religion, and the only way you’ll find out what happens to that is if you read the series.

That sounds like a fantastic read! I can't wait to get my hands on your series! :D
In case you haven't met Joseph and you are wondering just who he is, here is his bio:

About the Author

JOSEPH EASTWOOD, born 9th June 1993, Lancaster, England, has always been adamant in his dreams of being a published author. Although he has been through the stages of wanting to be in every other profession under the sun, and what better way to live out all of those professions than to be an author and create people with them.

Now, I really have to say that doesn't give you much to go on, Joseph! For those of you that don't know him, Joseph is a really funny guy and one of the most creative people I've met, so if Lumen's not already on your Goodreads to-read list, you should really go and add it now! 

What else do you have for us Joseph? I know you have more... :D

Oh, and this blog post is not the only one. If you want more information, don’t forget to log on to Facebook and hit JOIN on the event… what, what event? This one: I hope to see you there! And don’t forget about the other blogs on this tour for more exclusive content!

Excellent, Joseph! Now tell us where we can stalk you! :D

Links to Stalk Me!
Twitter: @Joe_Eastwood -
That’s a whole bunch of stalking you can do… please, only in moderation.

See, I warned you he was funny :D Now get to it people! And if you have a comment for Joseph, feel free to leave it below and I'll hassle him until he comes and replies! :D 

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