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VJ Chisholm shares her world! Come join us!

Hi Victoria! Welcome to my crazy world! Come on in, sit down for a spell and tell us all about you!

Ok I’m VJ Chisholm, I’m from Scotland. I was born in and bred in my hometown of Aberdeen, I’ve just recently moved down to the Perthshire area and I’m loving it. I’m hot footing it single and live with my wee dog Chase.

I've always wanted to visit Scotland! :D

When did you first start writing?

 I use to enter drama contest when I was younger and it was via one of those contests that I got talked into trying my hand a poetry writing contest and that got me scribbling away.

What do you love about writing?

 I love the never ending ideas I got for writing for just basic everyday things, like people watching, songs on my iPod etc.

What do you need when writing?

I need music to help me write- it keeps the ideas the flowing, a big mug of coffee as well as some chocolate and for my dog to be quiet or relaxed (it this last thing – that causes me the most issues while I’m trying to get into deep writing mode.)

How did you go about building your world and characters?

 I tend to let the characters speak for themselves to be honest.  I tend to get fixed on one aspect of them and build the rest from there. Overall any of my characters just reveal themselves bit by bit over time to me. I keep some many notebooks on each characters history, like, dislikes, their style etc.

Can you provide us with an excerpt? (Excerpt and book cover

Of course, it goes without saying, that when you get a bunch of semi-merry witches together, and they all go into deep problem-solving mode, well . . . Needless to say, sooner or later, spells will enter into the mix. As always, it was one of the younger neophyte’s that was out to impress the group by showing how useful they could be. She bounced out the door into the old coven library to see if there were any magickal tips, or even better yet, an actual spell that would work wonders to fix the problem.  Thirty minutes later, the same sister returned with one of the oldest looking books, only this one did not come from the library, but rather from Amanda’s own personal collection. Smiling broadly, she maneuvered her way through the sisters to get to Amanda before saying, “This may work! What do you think?”  Alexia lifted her head as she was chatting with one of the sisters sitting next to her to gauge Amanda’s reaction to whatever spell the youngster had dumped in her lap. She’d looked up at just the right time to see her coven leader lift her head, and look right at her with what could only be described as a wicked smile upon her best friend’s lips. Oooohhh, that didn’t bode well for her!

Oh that sounds great! I'm going to have to pick up a copy! 

Fun time!

Do you play games? If so what kind? If not, why the heck not?
 Well I own a Wii fit – does that count? LOL 
Of course it counts! :D I love the Wii Fit!

Favorite author?

 Kelley Armstrong for her Otherworld women series

Favorite TV guilty pleasure?

Ehmm ok my guilty pleasure is Made in Chelsea – it’s a nice programme to just shut down and watch without having to think or follow the show too hard.

I have heard of this show, I'm really going to have to check it out! :D

Favorite Action Hero?
It has to be wolverine need I say more?

Gotta Love Wolverine! Can't wait to see the Movie!

Either/ or Lightening round!

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

 Honestly I’m both but if I had to choose maybe more a cat person, just don’t tell my dog.

Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream? Chocolate ice cream

Fruits or Veggies? Fruits

Soda or Pop? Pop

Coke or Pepsi? Coke but please make mine a diet one ;)

Sweet or Sour? Sweet

Pick at least one :D

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have 3 things with you, what or who would they be?  
 I would need food and water, something to write with and a notepad

The Important stuff!
Any advice for aspiring authors?
 If you have a good plot and you love it , you believe in it ! Go for it , help out other authors where you can and make as many contacts as you well . It will all pay off one day.

Where can we stalk… I mean find you?(Links baby!)

Where can we buy your books?

You can pick up Magick Weaved on a Samhain Eve on Amazon.Com and

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